First New Experience of 2023

White cream cheese frosting in a reddish glass mixing bowl
cream cheese frosting

If memory serves, one year ago, I stated a goal in this blog to experience new things and report back on them, even if they were tiny things. Well, life kind of bowled me over sometimes in 2022 and I didn’t do that much. But I didn’t put an end date on it. So here I am in 2023 giving it another go.

I decided we should start the new year with cake because it’s a good excuse to have cake. As I’ve stated before, I’m not hugely domestic. However, I did ask for and receive a new hand-held mixer for Christmas after being without one for several years now. Up above is my new accomplishment/experience. For the first time in my not-short life, I made frosting from scratch. If I had realized how easy it is, I would have been doing it a long time ago. It’s simple cream cheese frosting for a simple yellow cake. I don’t intend to get too radical with this baking/domesticity shtick, after all.

The cake fell and has a valley in the center, so I didn’t photograph it. It tastes okay, though. And the frosting is pretty darned good.

New accomplishment number one recorded in the 2023 ledger: cake frosting.

Happy New Year!


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