New Experience: Clydesdales!

Two large red barn-like structures in background. Horse corral with two clydesdale horses in foreground. Large puffy clouds in sky.
Warm Springs Ranch, Boonville, MO. Home of the Budweiser Clydesdales

Today is my birthday. Thanks in advance for the well wishes. It feels like a good day to get back into the swing of posting to my blog.

So in my quest for new experiences, I planned an outing I’ve wanted to do for a while. I live only about a 20-minute drive away from Warm Springs Ranch, home of the Budweiser Clydesdales. I’m not much into beer, but I was intensely into the idea of seeing the magnificent horses up close and learning more about them. Unfortunately, my hubs was under the weather. But my son-in-residence went with me to take a tour.

Other than being a bit chilly, it was an excellent morning for it. I’d never seen a Clydesdale except from a distance. These are BIG animals — 1,800 to 2,200 pounds fully grown. They weigh around 150 pounds at birth!

Here’s the most surprising thing I learned. New drivers start training by working with bicyclists harnessed something like the horses are. Sorry for the blurriness in the photo.

A set of six bicycles, paired two-by-two and harnessed together. Red pickup truck and red building behind.
I never would have guessed this is how they train Clydesdale drivers.

And here’s the best birthday surprise:

Shoulder and head of grown clydesdale horse on left. Infant foal lying down in lower center. Inside a stall.
Mama horse and new foal, 36 hours old.
Sign on outside of horse stall with text: Mare: Gemma, Foal: ?, DOB 3-24-2023
Too new for a name. Welcome to the world!

This brand new baby came into the world only 36 hours before our tour. How often do you get a chance to see such a recent arrival? It’s too new for a name, even. Welcome, baby!

The whole time we were there, I couldn’t help thinking of the Jethro Tull song “Heavy Horses.” So I’ll end this post with a link to it.

Heavy Horses, Jethro Tull

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