Moving Rocks in the Hot Sun…

The sun wasn’t actually hot today. It was around 50 degrees F out this afternoon. And the rocks were actually chunks of concrete. Remember those front stairs I posted about early last year? If anyone thought that story was done, they were wrong.

The stairs are still fabulous. The contractor did a great job. But we foolishly paid him before he finished hauling away all the rubble from the old stairs. He promised he’d be back in about a week to take it all away. That was the last we ever saw of him.

I am using PTO from my day job this week for a staycation / catch up at home week. Yesterday, I cleaned out my clothes closet and dresser. I also finally took down our outdoor Christmas lights, which explains why I felt the need for a catch up week. I wanted to pat myself on the back, but I guess putting away your Christmas decor three months late isn’t really that admirable.

Today, I spent the morning on a creative writing project. Then I went to the hardware store to buy several necessary items, including vanity lights for our upstairs bathroom. Of the four bulbs in there, two have been burned out for…I forget. I kept not replacing them because we didn’t have the correct ones on hand. Well, that’s checked off the list now.

Later in the day a roll-off construction dumpster we arranged to rent was delivered. Unfortunately, we hadn’t realized my husband would still be recovering from a case of COVID (no longer contagious, just still weak and tired.) So it’s up to my son and me to move all this:

Big pile of concrete chunks, with a foot in a black tennis shoe.

The strapping young man can’t help until tomorrow. But I got to work today loading the pieces I could lift on my own. We have four days to finish.

Phew! I’m tired. I will be extremely happy to have this rubble gone from beside our house, though. I assume the next-door neighbors will be, too.

Wish us good weather!


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