I Sent Forth My Minions

I find myself incapacitated by a summer cold this week, and thus unable to visit my mother at the nursing home. Nobody there needs to catch what I have.

Yet she needed some things. For instance cough drops. So I sent forth my minions to perform the labor. Or perhaps I should say proxies. Proxy is a nicer word than minion, isn’t i? The thing is, I discovered other people will step up when I’m sick. My husband and daughter went out to see my mom on Sunday since I couldn’t.

My husband came back telling me what an interesting visit it was. My mother told him all sorts of stories about her past. I called Mom yesterday and she, likewise, told me what a great time they had. I’ve never thought about it, but the two of them have never visited together without me there before. Maybe they should do it more often. They had a blast.

I guess the world can go on without me if it has to.


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