Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Please Help if You Can.

This post has been updated as of Monday morning, Aug. 17. I have put a link to another article listing more groups providing assistance in the area.

My oldest kid moved out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa pretty recently and still has good friends there. He dodged a storm such as the state had never seen. For anyone who hasn’t heard about the absolute destruction there from a derecho, I’m linking to a couple of articles. The second one lists relief organizations working in the area. The region is devastated, Cedar Rapids especially. No part of the city was spared. Please help if you can.

This article from the Iowa Starting Line, details the state of things currently.

This one, from KWWL, tells how we can help.

More groups providing aid, from KCCI in Des Moines.


2 thoughts on “Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Please Help if You Can.

  1. As soon as I saw the line, “city that usually votes Democratic,” I could see what was going on. It’s appalling that these Republicans can turn their backs on this crisis. And pence claims to be a Christian! Yeah, he’s gonna have a lot to answer for when he gets to the pearly gates, and I hope it’s sooner than later.

    1. I generally don’t get too political in this space, but I’m going to have to agree with you. I never imagined we’d have an administration that would so callously ignore the needs and suffering of our citizens. This happened the same week the president retweeted a comment saying that Democratic cities should be left to rot. I remember how President Obama went to Joplin, Missouri, a solidly Republican city, after the massive tornado there, and made sure they got federal assistance. I thought that was what presidents were supposed to do?

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