Gratitude App

Some time back, I put a journaling app on my phone. Then I discovered I don’t like writing much on my phone. It’s tedious and slow and I have fat thumbs. I make even more mistakes than I do on my laptop and have a harder time correcting them.

But I’ve put the app to good use, nonetheless. I’ve come to think of it as my gratitude app. I don’t compose long accounts of what’s going on in my life. But it’s a good place to note, on a regular basis, my appreciation for my blessings, big and small. I find a small note of gratitude is the exact right amount of phone typing for me.

Often it’s as short as “New shoes.” Sometimes it’s longer. “It’s good to have a safe place to sleep at night. Bed, pillows, blankets.” Once I mentioned fresh fruit and then noticed I’d done the same thing only a couple of days before. And I had an epiphany. It’s okay to express gratitude more than once for the same thing. I’m allowed to feel appreciation every single time I eat fruit. In fact, it’s good if I do.

So, looking back, what has merited my appreciation this year? A partial list:

*We need this rain.

*Husband repairing the bedroom door hinge.



*My journaling app has begun to stalk me. It’s a little creepy. (Oh, okay, not so much gratitude there. I ran an update and suddenly every evening at 8:00 my phone dinged and asked me “How was your day?” Just fine, HAL)

*Figured out how to change setting on journaling app so it doesn’t creep me. Yay!

*It’s nice to have glasses rather than stumbling around, groping my way through life.

*My $5 bread machine and thrift stores.

*Citizens who care about society

*Piano tuned!

*My old lady cat is thirteen years old and still going strong

Old lady cat.

*I discovered a TV show called “The Librarians”

*Fresh garden spinach

*My weigela are loaded with flowers







*Fun game of Crazy 8’s with my mom and my oldest kid

*Found eight forever stamps I forgot I had

*Everyone got along on vacation

*I have a huge supply of ink pens

*Good checkup at the dentist’s today

*At work, I sometimes get paid to write

*I could have cake later if I want. I mean, the option is there.

Isn’t always a day to be grateful when you know you could have cake? Seriously. Happy Thanksgiving.

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