On My Birthday

I’m 55 years old today, and am starting to understand how my mom felt one time when I told her she was 89. She said, “I never imagined I was that old!”

I have been saving a few dollars back here and there for about three years so I could recapture my youth. Here it is. Here’s my youth recaptured.


Not the old van. The shiny new bike. I used to bicycle a lot, 25 years ago, before I had kids. And a little since then. But I’ve never really had a decent new bicycle that fit me, since I was five years old and my oldest sister gave me one for Christmas. In my adult life, I’ve mostly ridden used bikes that were slightly too large.

Can I say that going from a 23-year-old bike to a new one is amazing. It’s an entirely different experience. No longer do I have to do special exercise for thumb strength in order to shift gears. Just click and they shift. And a bike that fits me! It’s so comfortable. This is a whole new world for me, peeps. My first good new bicycle in fifty years!

Maybe I’ll buy another new one when I turn 105.



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